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Therapeutic Day Treatment

Mental Health Support

Intensive In-Home Counseling .

VACCD"S intensive in-home services operates with the philosophy that the families home provides the most natural, nurturing, and conducive environment in which all individuals can thrive, develop, and mature into pro-social adults and that maintaining these individuals in their homes through intensive comprehensive treatment benefits society as a whole. It is the mission of VACCD-HBS to provide structured programs of care to meet the individuals physical and emotional needs; provide protection and meet the objectives of any required service plan. This will be accomplished by providing comprehensive enriching in-home services and treatment to the families of individuals who are experiencing significant behavioral or emotional difficulties or have been subjected to abuse or neglect or are at high risk of being removed from the family home. By striving to acheve the following goals 

​​•Assist families in achieving a safe, stable, nurturing home environment by reducing or eliminating problematic behaviors or emotional conditions 
​•Successfully prevent out-of-home placements
•Utilize short-term,solution focused treatment strategies to strengthen healthy family cohesiveness
•Focus on existing strengths, formal and informal supports, and resources within families and the community in order to bring about positive emotional and behavioral changeswith service recipients
•Assist service recipients in building skills to enhance family cohesiveness
​•Build a professional relationship with  case-involved service providers with the focus on providing the best service to the recipients
VACCD’s mental health support services goal is to amplify the client’s ability to maintain independence in the slightest restrictive environment while maintaining community stability. VACCD goal is to enhance the service recipient’s ability to avoid more restrictive interventions such as out-of-the community placements, to include hospitalizations, residential group home settings or institutionized settings. Specific goals and objectives are individualized to each services recipient’s situation. But the overall program strives to meet the following goals: 

​•Decrease emotional and behavioral instability
​•Increase positive productive behavior within the community
​•Decrease non-compliance with home and society rules.
•Enhance independent living skills.
•Enhance service recipient’s access to community resources to aid in maintaining stability
•Enhance ability to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships.
•Provide psycho-education on diagnosis, medications management and alternative treatment.
•Increase service recipient’s ability to access and utilize personal support systems and social support systems.
•Enhance ability to access financial resources and appropriate budgeting
​•Provide education on community safety and personal legal responsibilities of a citizen.
TDT services are a combination of psychotherapeutic interventions combined with medication education and mental health treatment offered in programs of two or more hours per day with groups of children and adolescents (up to the age of 21 as a EPSDT service). VACCD provides students ranging 5 years of age to 21 who currently enrolled in a public school and whom the school/parent has identified as having significant behavioral and or emotional problems that have prevented them from fucntioning appropriately in a school setting. Each service offers a structured program of care designed to meet the individuals’ physical and emotional needs:
provide protection , guidance and supervision; and to meet the objectives of any service plan. The goals of the service are as followed: 

To achieve a safe, stable, nurturing environment by reducing or eliminating problematic behaviors or emotional restraints and assisting the students in the following:

•Controlling Impulses
•Setting and achieving goals
•Appropiately expressing emotions
​•Relating to authority and accepting limits, boundaries redirection and
​•Approxpiately relating to peers  

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