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VACCD is one of Richmond premier mental health agency, serving more than 1000 tri-city residents in the bast years. We offer entry level position in the Mental Health Industry and intership and practicum opportunities.

 VACCD operates with the philosophy that our communities provides the most natural, nurturing, conducive and structured environment other than the home in which all individuals can thrive, develop, and mature into educated pro-social adults and that maintaining these individuals in the community utilizing comprehensive Mental Health Services benefits society as a wholeIt is the mission of VACCD-HBS to provide structured programs of care to meet the individuals physical and emotional needs; provide protection and meet the objectives of any required service plan. This will be accomplished by providing comprehensive enriching Mental Health Services to those  who are experiencing significant behavioral or emotional difficulties. 

VACCD has a unique array of intensive home based services that attempts to revolutionize traditional mental health psychotherapy to more tailored initialized focus of intensive home based services.  This vision will serve as the basis for our best practice model. Our objective is to be the provided comprehensive individualized healthcare services from a holistic approach for all those in need

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VACCD, Inc. is a private group of therapistsand counselors dedicated to providing comprehensive, individualized counseling to individuals and families in the Virginia. VACCD feels it’s their responsibility to focus on high-risk clients who need specialized intensive and individualized services to address mental health issues from a strength based, realistic, common sense approach.


VACCD's trained clinical staff is widely respected and recognized in the field of mental health treatment. Their collective experience spans the public and private sectors, and each clinician is licensed and/or certified in his/her particular field of expertise.


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